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Bro (slang) brother; a male or even female comrade or friend; one who shares one's ideals.


The Bromance

This is a love story and a great love story is unpredictable, surprising, touching, heart-wrenching, traumatic, emotional, beautiful and so much more. And just like any other love story it began at a psychedelic trance rave in a remote mountain area. The mystical setting was ripe for the formation of an unbreakable bond between us two bros, Marios and Harry.


After a flurry of questionable decisions, which you'll read all about years from now in our joint memoir, we had the epiphany to start our own creative endeavor, a decrepit odyssey not for the feeble minded or weak hearted.

Our Mission

One of the most imperative tenets of unadulterated bromance is.. 'cool story bro' and that is the origin of our mission statement. A bro, a true bro is one that is a bona fide true storyteller, one that shares cool stories.

What We Do

We are a theatre and film production company and we are pros bro! We write, direct, produce and even perform for your enjoyment, just like two sneaky, amusing little piggies at your service.

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